The fault in 'the fault in our stars'

The fault in

I always find irregularities in movies disturbing, especially when they have $12 million budget at hands. Today, I finally decided to take my frustration out in writing.

We all know movies use all kind of fake weapons, stunt doubles, scene overlays and computer graphics to make simple shot, amazing – but they always overlook something, I don’t:

at monica home

Fake Eggs

When Gus and Hazel took Isaac over to Monica’s to help Isaac get over her, they used fake eggs or at least not raw-eggs. The scene is split into two shots; one where Isaac is throwing eggs, and the other where it shows eggs hitting the car. In the later shot, the eggs are not raw eggs.

eggs hitting car

I don’t mind that – we need to protect the hands of an artist from the smell of raw eggs, what I do mind is they couldn’t hide it well. As soon as Monica’s mom arrives, Isaac throws away the ‘egg’ that he’s holding which bounces away twenty yards or so like a bouncy ball. My best guess; a soft ball or a boiled egg or maybe a magical egg that only breaks when it hits Monica’s car and not when it hits hard on ground.

the egg fault

P.S. There’s another irregularity in the same scene which I hope you’ll notice once you see it again and again.